Shalom Times is the first and foremost magazine from Shalom publications, which is instrumental in sharing God’s Love and dream with His people.  Being the first four color spiritual magazine in Malayalam, Shalom Times had its first issue published in 1991. Filled with articles that draws inspiration from the day today God experience of common man which is expressed in simple and plain language. This magazine has been a source of solace and spiritual guide to over half a million readers. With the richness of its contents, adherence to the teachings of the Church, uncompromising quality and spectacular layout, it is the leading Christian Magazine in India.

Catholic Flame Media is  proud to  distribute this amazingly rich and  beautiful magazine in UK. For subscriptions please click the link below to take you to the checkout pages and where you will be prompted to complete the online purchase. You may also subscribe Kairos over the telephone. Just give us a call on our credit/debit card hotline 02392000724. If you prefer to do it using the subscription form, please send us the completed form together with your payment.


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